Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Secret Pond, The Rug, and Frisbee

Today Thane and I found the Secret Pond.  

This is particularly exciting because my siblings and I have been "hiking" in this itty-bitty patch of forest for at LEAST fifteen years, and we never knew about this pond until an acquaintance mentioned it a couple weeks ago.  Dad found the rough location by using Google Earth, and then today I found the trail.  I've actually passed the trail many times, but I never went down it because I assumed it led to someone's house.

It's rather serene, actually.

Well, unless you have a 9-month-old Collie who gets the zoomies every time he steps into the water.

Noble-looking, right?  Wait for it...

Yep.  There he goes...

At one point, he became so excited that he ran a lap around the entire pond at top speed.  Little nut.

I suppose some people might argue that I'm a bit nutty myself for taking a dozen photos of my dog sprinting around a pond.  :P  Oh well.  

In other news, I've spend a good chunk of time the past couple days working on The Rug.  It's sloooooowly getting bigger.  Here's what it looked like when I started yesterday morning:

And then this afternoon:

And finally, to conclude this rather random post, here's a video of Thane successfully catching a Frisbee in midair - yay!!  :D  

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  1. I look forward to seeing the Secret Pond sometime soon =)
    Also, was it difficult to throw the frisbee and then record the video? =P