Monday, May 15, 2017

Large Dogs, Small Dogs, and Painted Signs

I forgot that I took these photos.  They're from last week...Thane and I met up with our friend Boomie and her little dog Dexter for a walk in the woods.  Once we got there, though, we also crossed paths with another dog Thane and I had met maybe a month ago.  Meet Puma:

Believe it or not, he's still a baby,  He's a Leonberger, and even though he's younger than Thane by a few months, he outweighs him by 20-30 pounds.  He seems like a nice dog - like most of the giant breeds, he's pretty chill.

The dogs had a good time playing.  Dexter could care less about the other dogs, but Thane and Puma spent most of the walk wrestling and chasing each other.  I don't know about Puma, but Thane was pooped by the end of the walk!!

Today, instead of a walk in the woods, Thane and I had several Frisbee sessions in the back yard.  Tomorrow I'll have to take him on a nice long walk.

This afternoon I randomly sat down at my desk and did something I haven't done for quite a while - I exercised my slightly dubious artistic skills!  :D  

Mom is very generously calling them "Folk Art."  

I kind of like them...and I kind of think that I need to work on getting the animals more anatomically correct and make the lettering a bit smoother.

It was fun, though!  :)

Tomorrow, the weather's supposed to be nice, so hopefully I'll get to some outdoor projects - including laying out the borders of the garden I hope to plant with my niece!

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  1. Good work for your first try, especially since lettering by brush is harder than lettering by pen. Speaking of pen, did you pencil in the lettering/basic shapes first? That might help too =)