Sunday, May 14, 2017

Plan A

So I'll still be getting a puppy this fall, or possibly early in 2018.  I'm going back to Plan A, which was a puppy from the English Shepherd Windy Hills Bonnie.

This is definitely bittersweet - I feel bad about how easy it is for me to find another puppy when Leah's owner will never get her back.

On the other hand, I am excited for this puppy.  I did really, really want a Bonnie pup someday, and I was wondering how I would work that into my breeding program.

This dog will be the sire of my next puppy:

This is Shady Grove's The Lone Ranger, aka "Ranger," and he's also a purebred English Shepherd - so I could actually register the puppy as an English Shepherd, and hopefully also as an Old-Time Scotch Collie when she turns a year old.

Bonnie is 40 pounds, and Ranger is 45, so my pup will be nice and small.  I'd definitely like to keep my lines Thane's size or smaller (he's around 55 pounds so far).  

My puppy might look like one of these:

My order of preference for color would be a clear sable (like Bonnie), then a tricolor (the center pup above), and finally a shaded sable (like Ranger).  Although, ultimately, I'm sure I'll be happy with whatever I get.  :P

If this has put anyone else in the mood for a puppy, my friend Brina's two Scotch Collie females are in labor right now!!  (on Mother's Day, lol!)  If timing wasn't an issue (the pups will be ready to go during our busiest time of the year at work), I'd have been sorely tempted to go with one of Brina's pups.  Here's her website:  

Well, my current pooch is currently sad to be in his crate, because he doesn't get a ton of exercise on Sundays, so I should probably go throw a toy for him.  :P

I hope everyone had a great Lord's day - and Mother's Day!!  :)

*Credit for the photos goes to Helen Holbrook and to Ranger's owner!

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