Tuesday, May 23, 2017

An Outing and a Goat Sighting

Mom and I went shopping today.  This was an outing that was promised to me for my birthday way back in December, and for a variety of reasons (weather, schedule conflicts, the fact that we're both homebodies, etc.), we simply didn't make it happen before now.  It was a nice day for an outing, though, and we both had lots of fun.

I bought a couple books, a pair of jeans, and some shirts for me and my sister.  Mom mostly bought stuff for the grandkids - one of her favorite things to do.  :)  (Although I'm often guilty on that count too - baby clothes and toys are WAY too adorable!!)

Oh, lol, I just remembered that I did buy one thing for my oldest niece - a Thomas the Tank Engine tricycle!  I don't think she's ever tried to ride a bike before, so it should be fun to see her first attempt.

On the way south (we drove an hour and half to Portsmouth, NH), we pulled off to look at the outside of a house I'm vaguely interested in checking out.  It's a bit more of a drive than I'd prefer, and it would need a LOT of work, but it's got over four acres of land, and it's on a nice little side road.  Maybe worth looking into...

Mom also spotted some goats on the way down, and as we were driving home, I kept an eye out for them.  When we saw them, I did a U-turn so I could get a better look.  Lol, I felt a little weird, but I did get a few pictures from a polite distance.  The kids were so cute!!

Thanks, Mom, it was super fun spending the day with you!!!  I love you!!  :)

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  1. The Thomas bike is really cute =) She's gonna like it a lot.