Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Busy Day

I had a nice, busy makes me happy when I get stuff done.  :)  

First, I mowed one section of the lawn.  It looks nice, but I do like an idea I had to let it turn into a nice little field full of gently-waving grass and native wildflowers.  There are actually a lot of flowers growing there - violets, wild strawberries, yarrow, little purple thingies whose name I forget, dandelions...sometimes, if I'm particularly neglectful, Daisies, Black-Eyed Susans and Asters.  Today I saw a few Lilies of the Valley too.  

But since a) we're right in town, and b) I live in the church parsonage, and c) my neighbor apparently likes the view of our yard...I decided to yield to the status quo for now and just mow those happy little flowers down.  :(  Maybe sometime I'll check with the church people (and the neighbor, lol), and see if anyone cares if I let that section of the yard go.  :P

Anyway...........I spent most of the rest of the morning working on preparing an area to build an enclosure for our garbage cans.  The bears, raccoons, Yeti, and skunks regularly tip our trash cans over and spread the contents across the yard, so I'm building a wooden thingie to try to prevent that.  It'll have a hinged lid so we can drop bags of trash straight into the cans from the porch, and doors on the front so we can take the trash cans out to bring them to the curb for pickup.  

As usual, it turned out to be more work than I would have thought, because I had to move a bunch of stuff from the area.  Add to that the fact that I went with my sister to get a prognosis on the remaining lifespan of her poor sad 2001 Chevy Tracker (getting rusty, but has at least another year or two of life - woohoo!), and went on a short walk to the Secret Pond with Dad, Timothy and Thane...and this is all I got done:

(With a little help from Dad, because he's an amazing guy who graciously drops everything when people ask him for help.)

I cut all the wood, anyway.  

Then I started cooking supper, took a shower, finished cooking supper, ate supper, and went to Prayer Meeting.  

(Supper was very yummy, by the way, if a tiny bit spicy for some of our family members.  I'll use less Cayenne next time.  :P  )

And now I've caught up on all my goat and Collie and Livestock Guardian Dog Facebook pages, and it's almost time for goodnight!!  :)

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  1. I didn't know you were building a thing. That'll be so great!