Monday, April 2, 2018

The Pooches

So I talked with a contractor friend yesterday, and it sounds like I might need to save for a little while before trying to take out a construction loan.  Discouraging, but good to have a realistic view.

In other news, I went out yesterday afternoon after church because I had a hankering to get a few shots of the dogs with the big camera...and ended up taking nearly 200.  Lol...

I won't inflict you with ALL of those, but here are a few shots.  Thane is somewhere around 20 months old, and Thea is a little over 5 months.  Please don't be alarmed by the amount of teeth you see - they play loud and hard, but don't draw blood, lol.  :P  

Disputing the ownership of the stick.

This could be a study in dog body language!

I love the look of mischief in Thane's eyes here.

She's able to keep up much better than she used to be.

Run, Thane!  She's right behind you!  :P  

Thane laid down several times while they were playing, which I believe is an indicator that they have a healthy play relationship.
Tongue curl!  <3  

Lying down again.

My brave guard one can sneak up on our house!
More acrobatics.
Thea's attempt at a majestic post.  Not bad for such a cutie!
Tired puppy, lol.  

Thane found a stick.

Thane does "majestic" a little better than Thea...she's still too cute.  :P
She is getting there, though.  :P  
I like this shot for some reason.
My favorite shot of the afternoon.  <3  
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter yesterday!  

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


It was a gorgeous day today.  I took my youngest brother Timothy out to see my land.  There's still enough snow on the ground that we used snowshoes - even though it was warm enough that we had to take off our jackets eventually.

All these pictures are from my phone, because my big camera is having issues.  :(  

More beaver activity, though I haven't seen any evidence that they're still on the property - no freshly cut trees.

Image may contain: plant, sky, outdoor and nature

Here's part of the little creek that cuts across one corner of the lot: 

Image may contain: tree, snow, sky, plant, outdoor and nature

It even has an itty-bitty waterfall.  <3  

Image may contain: outdoor and nature

There are a couple distinct deer paths through parts of the lot...we found both tracks...

Image may contain: snow, sky and outdoor

....and, uh, other evidence...

Image may contain: plant, outdoor and nature

One entertaining thing....Timothy, being the techy guy that he is, used Google maps on his phone to set a "pin" at each corner that we found.  We're not totally certain about the upper left corner, as we never did find the capped rebar that was supposed to be set, but I thought this was pretty cool (and matched my paper map pretty well, thank goodness)!

Oh, and the bottom pin in the upper left hand corner marks the little waterfall in the photos above.  

I actually finally worked out a floor plan I'm pretty happy with, so now I need to figure out what the next step is...I'm eager to be actually living on my property at some point, instead of just occasionally visiting it.  :P  I suppose it's probably good for me to practice patience, though...sigh.  

Anyway, I hope everyone has had a nice first week of Spring!  :)  

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Spring Flowers

First day of Spring today...and it was 11 degrees F when I got up, lol.  But it did get up into the 40's, and the sunshine is nice and warm, so there is hope!  :)  

In the meantime, here are a bunch of old photos I've taken of flowers...something to look forward to.  Feel free to use these as desktop background photos.

Happy first day of Spring, everyone!!  :)  

Thursday, March 15, 2018


It's very interesting seeing the similarities and differences between Thane and Thea.  Thane was all legs and tail for a few months, whereas Thea seems to be retaining generally the same body shape; she's just gradually getting bigger, lol.  She's 5 months old, and is probably just over 30 pounds.  She should top out between 40-45 pounds.

Just for a fun comparison, Thane at 15.5 weeks: 

And Thea at about the same age: 

The munchkins a day or two ago:

No automatic alt text available.

Thea is in a "down" because my sister is just out of camera range with a treat.  Thea knows a handful of tricks, and offers them freely whenever there are treats around, in hopes of earning a tidbit.  :P  Have I mentioned she's part piranha?  

She's awfully cute, though...she gets away with a lot because of it.  ;)  

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


I'm excited by the idea of designing my own home...and also gradually coming to realize what a ridiculously huge decision it is.  It's easy enough to declare that I like old farmhouses...with a touch of rustic...and a dash of Victorian...but then, once I start puttering on Pinterest, or trying to think through a floor plan, the number of choices gets overwhelming in a hurry.

I'm still having fun, but I've snagged a few photos from Pinterest to show you how challenging this is proving.  Here are a few pictures showing what I always imagined I'd want in a house: 

223 Maple Ridge Rd, Sandwich, NH 03227

Antique Colonial situated on a pretty 1.25 acre lot bordering Jenness Brook, wonderful traditional interior features, 6 fireplaces, pine floors, gunstock corners, pumpkin pine paneling, front and back staircases, full walk-up attic, some updated systems, convenient to Route 16 for easy commuting

I do still LOVE that old, rather formal style, but I've noticed that a lot of what I've been pinning is white, bright and airy: 

dream kitchen


The Essence of Home: Cottage Details  Need Bedroom Decorating Ideas? Go to

An idyllic Swedish cottage with outdoor kitchen and shower

This is so perfect

But then, I also like some slightly more rustic designs, too...


The Olde Barn: Random Images

a country cottage

The island was a roadside find made of cast iron and wood. The reclaimed pumpkin pine (a wood named for the orange hue that develops after a century or more of oxidation) on the floors also trims the Carrera marble countertops.

I'm not sure what the common theme is here...or if there even is one, except that I don't want cookie cutter.  I want a house that makes me sigh with happiness at its beauty...I want to be able to look at any part of my home and photograph it....or even paint a picture.  

Lol, so I guess that means reining in my impatience and planning carefully...not my strong suit.

It's fun to dream, though....THAT, I'm good at!  :P