Sunday, February 18, 2018

Sunday Pooches

Land update: the appraisal came through, and I have the okay to close...just waiting on the seller to get back into town from a trip so we can schedule the closing...maybe this week or next!!!

It was a little chilly today, but the lighting was nice enough to draw me outside and watch the dogs play for a few minutes.  It's quite entertaining...Thane likes to grab a toy or a stick and play "keep away" with Thea.  Here he is taunting her with a stick: 

He really has a lot of fun trying to get her to chase him!  :P  

Watch out, Thane - here she comes!

Once Thea gets into the chase, they zig-zag all throughout the yard, taking advantage of natural obstacles to dodge around.  Tight corner around a bush:

Looping around the other side of the yard...oops, looks like Thane lost the stick, and now he's chasing Thea!

Thea's not one to hold back; she gives it her all, even though she definitely can't keep up with Thane yet!

He helps her can definitely tell that sometimes he's running slower on purpose so she can keep up: 

This does backfire sometimes, lol.  :P  

Thea pauses for a break every once in a while...

...but is raring to go again if Thane dares come too close!  

No wonder she takes such good naps!!  :P

Monday, February 12, 2018

A Bunch of Trees...But Is That All?

Today I dug out two pairs of snowshoes that I've possessed for several years and never actually used before, lol.  Dad and I drove about 25 minutes away to a side road in Fryeburg, Maine, and tromped around in the woods for a while.  It was Dad's first time on snowshoes (go Dad!!), and it was a lot of fun, but this outing was about more than just getting out and enjoying the fresh winter air.

The pictures below may not look like much...but there's something special about them...

You curious yet?  :D

So...these pictures were all taken on a 17.95 acre lot...that MIGHT BECOME MINE SOON!!!  The seller and I have signed the contract...and I've signed a MILLION papers at the bank.  Now I'm just waiting for the bank to get the appraisal back...and if there aren't any problems there, then we'll schedule the closing. 

I'm not sure I'm even able to be really excited yet - it's too surreal at this point!

I would own a BIG chunk of land that contains, based on my limited observations: a small creek, a beaver-chewed tree, some marshy ground, some flat ground, a LOT of trees, at least one boulder, probably a fair bit of wildlife, and lichen.  I've never particularly aspired to own lichen before...but if I owned it, that would make it special.  :)

Anyway...I think it's fairly certain to go through, though I'm still kind of trying not to get my hopes up.  

Lol, if it does go through, then the next big adventure comes along - building a house.  I've already designed two distinctly different floor plans so far.  :P  

So...that's why these trees are special...they might be mine soon.  <3

Okay, yeah, I might be starting to get a little excited....  :D

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Thea Update

Time is flying - Thea is almost four months old already!!

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She remains very spunky, energetic and adventurous at home, though she's quite shy with strangers, and I need to work on socialization more.  Total opposite of Thane.  :P

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She and Thane continue to be best buddies, playing almost constantly.  He's very gentle with her...especially considering that she is really NOT very gentle with him, lol.  :P  I keep waiting for her "puppy license" to expire.  I probably ought to expose her to a couple adult dogs who will let her know that it's actually not okay for her to be jumping all over them.

Image may contain: dog, snow, tree, outdoor and nature

Thea has begun joining Thane and me on our morning walks.  She does her best to keep up with him; he occasionally takes advantage of his longer legs to play "keep away" with her.

Image may contain: dog, sky, tree, shoes, outdoor and nature

She's an adventurous soul, challenging fencing and barriers like Thane never did...that lattice above the railing is because we had serious concerns that Thea would climb over the edge.  Just today, I was out in my skirt and Sunday coat dragging wood pieces around to block off a section of temporary fencing (long story) that would doubtless have kept Thane in with no problem...but that Thea was already working her way around.

Image may contain: snow, tree, outdoor and nature

I can see promise that she will be a nice, calm dog as an adult, though.  I brought her along to a friend's house for lunch today, and even though she was a little unsettled about being in a new place, she stuck near me, and relaxed and took a few catnaps here and there.   

Image may contain: dog

She likes to snuggle a bit here and there too, which is nice...Thane's not opposed to a good itching, but he's not really much of a snuggler.

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Anyway, Thea continues to settle in, and I'm highly optimistic that she'll be every bit as good a dog as I dreamed of when I got on the waiting list for a puppy from her mother well over a year ago.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Shower Bombs Try #2

I tried another batch of shower bombs today, using more essential oil than the last time...I'll use one tomorrow and let you know if it's any more fragrant.  :P  

Image may contain: table and indoor

I just used Grapefruit essential oil for this batch.  The smell reminds me of a kind of Grapefruit soda my Dad likes. 

Image may contain: food

I went to lunch with friends and tried Thai for the first time...that felt very adventurous.  :P  The dogs needed some exercise when I got home, so we went to the woods.  It was only Thea's third time there, and it was very cute to see her trying to keep up with Thane...sniffing what he sniffed...trailing along behind as best as she could.

Image may contain: dog and outdoor

Image may contain: dog, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: dog, sky, tree, outdoor and nature

I'm glad she's still at the age where she needs to crash for a nap after a short outing like this!  Lol, and I think Thane is glad too.  He loves Thea, but he also appreciates a few minutes' break.  ;P

Image may contain: dog and outdoor

Image may contain: dog and outdoor

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Sunday Happenings

So the other day, I tried one of the shower bombs that I had made.  It was a little underwhelming, lol.  I'll have to keep tweaking the recipe.  

Today was one of our short Sundays at church - no evening service, so I took Thane out for a good long run in the woods in the afternoon.  I've been too eager to get home to my coffee in the mornings, so our walks have been rather short lately.

Thane had a very good time, lol.

I might start bringing Thea along soon.  She's a sturdy little thing, but she often burns through a lot of her energy just playing with Thane.  Plus, while Thane likes Thea a LOT, I think he might appreciate having a few minutes' break from her.

Lol, when I download the photos from my camera, it's always fun to see how they turn out.  Sometimes we get funny expressions: 

Or odd positions: 

Lol, and there are a lot of blurry shots, of course: 

And then, there's occasionally a shot that immediately becomes my desktop background or my banner photo on Facebook: 

Anyway...sorry I post so many photos of my dogs!!  I'm hopeful that this is the year I'll get my own place, and maybe this time next year I'll be planning the purchase of a couple goats or sheep...or ordering some chicks...or building beehives...  

In the meantime, it's just me and my dogs...and that's okay.  :)  

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Shower Bombs...Try #1

So I tried making shower bombs today.

If you haven't heard of shower moisten baking soda, add essential oils, and press the mixture into a mold.  Once they're dry, you can drop them in the bottom of the tub/stall while you take a shower and let them dissolve for a steamy, aromatherapy experience.

Why the sudden inclination to make shower bombs?  Well, I've been trying for a while now to think of things I can make as a small, in-home business so that I can become a hermit.

(Not really.  I don't believe hermitage is a Biblical concept.  But I would like to be working at least partially from home within a couple years.)


Shower bombs!

It was fun...even though I did pretty much everything wrong!  

This first batch I added way too much water:

They smell nice, though!  They're a blend of Peppermint, Spearmint and Eucalyptus...this one'll probably be a real sinus opener!  It reminds me of the Mint Medley tea that my sister and I like.  :)  We shall see if they dry out enough to be usable.  

My little collection of essential oils...lots of possibilities here!!

Next I decided to make a Lavender Orange.  I also decided to try using a scoop of the Citric Acid I had purchased because some recipes call for it.  It makes the shower bombs fizz when they get wet...but there's clearly some trick to keeping the shower bomb MIX from fizzing.  And I clearly don't know that trick.  

So while the Lavender Orange fizzled merrily away, I gave that batch up as lost and went back to the plain baking soda mixture.  This time, I think I put the right amount of water in!  The mixture should be like damp sand that keeps its shape when you squeeze it.  

This is a blend of Lemon, Lime, Orange and Peppermint.  I'm not a big citrus fan, but I think it smells nice, and should be very pleasant and refreshing in the shower.  :)  

After that, I decided to give the (still fizzing) Lavender Orange one more chance, spooning a small amount of the mixture into a few cells of the mold, can see how well that worked: 

It got even messier later, and is now a crusty, unusable mass that will have to be soaked off.  Oh well.  Live and learn - and research more next time!!

I'll let you know how well they work!  :D