Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Spring Flowers

First day of Spring today...and it was 11 degrees F when I got up, lol.  But it did get up into the 40's, and the sunshine is nice and warm, so there is hope!  :)  

In the meantime, here are a bunch of old photos I've taken of flowers...something to look forward to.  Feel free to use these as desktop background photos.

Happy first day of Spring, everyone!!  :)  

Thursday, March 15, 2018


It's very interesting seeing the similarities and differences between Thane and Thea.  Thane was all legs and tail for a few months, whereas Thea seems to be retaining generally the same body shape; she's just gradually getting bigger, lol.  She's 5 months old, and is probably just over 30 pounds.  She should top out between 40-45 pounds.

Just for a fun comparison, Thane at 15.5 weeks: 

And Thea at about the same age: 

The munchkins a day or two ago:

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Thea is in a "down" because my sister is just out of camera range with a treat.  Thea knows a handful of tricks, and offers them freely whenever there are treats around, in hopes of earning a tidbit.  :P  Have I mentioned she's part piranha?  

She's awfully cute, though...she gets away with a lot because of it.  ;)  

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


I'm excited by the idea of designing my own home...and also gradually coming to realize what a ridiculously huge decision it is.  It's easy enough to declare that I like old farmhouses...with a touch of rustic...and a dash of Victorian...but then, once I start puttering on Pinterest, or trying to think through a floor plan, the number of choices gets overwhelming in a hurry.

I'm still having fun, but I've snagged a few photos from Pinterest to show you how challenging this is proving.  Here are a few pictures showing what I always imagined I'd want in a house: 

223 Maple Ridge Rd, Sandwich, NH 03227

Antique Colonial situated on a pretty 1.25 acre lot bordering Jenness Brook, wonderful traditional interior features, 6 fireplaces, pine floors, gunstock corners, pumpkin pine paneling, front and back staircases, full walk-up attic, some updated systems, convenient to Route 16 for easy commuting

I do still LOVE that old, rather formal style, but I've noticed that a lot of what I've been pinning is white, bright and airy: 

dream kitchen


The Essence of Home: Cottage Details  Need Bedroom Decorating Ideas? Go to Centophobe.com

An idyllic Swedish cottage with outdoor kitchen and shower

This is so perfect

But then, I also like some slightly more rustic designs, too...


The Olde Barn: Random Images

a country cottage

The island was a roadside find made of cast iron and wood. The reclaimed pumpkin pine (a wood named for the orange hue that develops after a century or more of oxidation) on the floors also trims the Carrera marble countertops.

I'm not sure what the common theme is here...or if there even is one, except that I don't want cookie cutter.  I want a house that makes me sigh with happiness at its beauty...I want to be able to look at any part of my home and photograph it....or even paint a picture.  

Lol, so I guess that means reining in my impatience and planning carefully...not my strong suit.

It's fun to dream, though....THAT, I'm good at!  :P  

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Fuzz and More Fuzz!

Remember the crazy amount of Romney wool I bought last year?  Well, it's been many months, and I've hardly done anything with it...so I picked one fleece to keep, and I'm going to see if the rest will sell on eBay, lol.  

I have NO idea if anyone will want to buy this stuff!  Guess I'll find out.  :P

Shamgar, the Fuzz himself, decided to supervise part of the operation, and plunked himself down in the middle of the table where I was working.  

He'll be 12 this year.  He generally wears his age pretty well...today he was feeling quite frisky, and played under the sheet that I put over the table for a few minutes.  I think he knows that Spring is coming; he's started going outside again for a few minutes here and there.  (He's smart enough to stay inside during the worst part of winter!)

I guess we're supposed to get a Nor'easter over the next couple of days, though, so His Royal Fuzziness will probably stay curled up inside somewhere.

I'll let you know how the fleece does.  If it doesn't sell, then I guess I'll HAVE to learn how to spin it, lol!

Monday, March 5, 2018


Dad and I went and tramped around on my land again today.  We finally made it to the corner we hadn't visited yet...and found some people hunting rabbits with Beagles!  We didn't see the dogs, but we could hear them, baying in the trees.  That was interesting.  I don't mind people hunting on my property - they had no way of knowing it had sold - but I will have to make a plan for when I have dogs and livestock on the property.  I like the idea of a perimeter fence, but that would either be a lot of money or a lot of work, so I may have to settle for smaller interior fences.

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Dad and I are working on identifying the tree species on the lot.  We saw some Red Oak leaves, and I brought this Maple leaf home to identify.  After looking at photos, I think it might just be a Sugar Maple, which would be nice - tapping trees is fun.  :) 

I think these might be Bobcat tracks.

In other, non-land-related news, I've broken out the sketch pad for the first time in years.  I bought a light box, and tried it out today...it's nice.  I can trace the outline of something to make sure the proportions are correct, and then fill in the details with my trusty fountain pen.  I don't claim to be a phenomenal artist, but I'm having fun.  :)

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I'm working on a Collie project...here are a couple things I've drawn: 

Image may contain: drawing

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Image may contain: drawing

Here's today's drawing:

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Lol, fluffy guy, isn't he?  I'll take Thane's low-maintenance coat any day!  :P

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Thea's 18 weeks old already.  Her adult teeth and coat are coming in - you can see the different texture of fur along her spine: 

Image may contain: dog

Anyway, time for bed for me...I hope everyone is having a great start to their week!  :)  

Image may contain: dog

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

It's Official!

It's official - I now own 17.95 acres of land in Fryeburg, Maine!


(Well, I own about 20% of it, and the rest of it I'll be paying off for a pretty good long time, but oh well.  :P )

My land starts a little bit behind where I'm standing in the next photo, and goes along the road almost as far as you can see in the picture: 

I'm excited!!  :D  :D  :D

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Sunday Pooches

Land update: the appraisal came through, and I have the okay to close...just waiting on the seller to get back into town from a trip so we can schedule the closing...maybe this week or next!!!

It was a little chilly today, but the lighting was nice enough to draw me outside and watch the dogs play for a few minutes.  It's quite entertaining...Thane likes to grab a toy or a stick and play "keep away" with Thea.  Here he is taunting her with a stick: 

He really has a lot of fun trying to get her to chase him!  :P  

Watch out, Thane - here she comes!

Once Thea gets into the chase, they zig-zag all throughout the yard, taking advantage of natural obstacles to dodge around.  Tight corner around a bush:

Looping around the other side of the yard...oops, looks like Thane lost the stick, and now he's chasing Thea!

Thea's not one to hold back; she gives it her all, even though she definitely can't keep up with Thane yet!

He helps her out...you can definitely tell that sometimes he's running slower on purpose so she can keep up: 

This does backfire sometimes, lol.  :P  

Thea pauses for a break every once in a while...

...but is raring to go again if Thane dares come too close!  

No wonder she takes such good naps!!  :P