Saturday, April 8, 2017

My Week!!

It's been a pretty full's the slow season at work, so I have some extra days off, but they sure fill up in a hurry!

I wrote about starting seeds with my niece on Monday...there are a couple of teeny-tiny, barely visible sprouts now.  I'll have to show Lorie tomorrow and see what she thinks of that - I know I'm excited!  :P 

Tuesday was NOT a good day for outdoor activities:

So instead, I worked on The Rug.  You remember the rug?  It's been a little while!  Here's how it looked when I got started on Tuesday: it looked Wednesday evening:

I roped my sister Rachel into helping, and I'm glad I did....because each round takes longer, since the rug is getting bigger!!  

Rachel took over the braiding while I did the stitching.  We made a good team!  

Thane likes to think he's a team member too...but he keeps falling asleep.

Other activities included helping Dad with a couple projects, giving the dog a bath, cleaning the dog slobber and pawprints off the sliding glass door (the pawprints go 4-5 feet high...weird dog), and, of course, plenty of walks!

I'm posting this Saturday, but most of you probably won't read this until tomorrow, so...happy Sunday!!  :)  

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  1. Too bad you didn't get any pictures of the dog bath. That would make a funny story all by itself =P