Sunday, April 9, 2017

Butterscotch Farm's Future Scotch Collies

I don't often post on Sundays, but I just secured permission to use some of the below photos, and I was eager to share this post!

So...some of you know this already, but to others it will be news: I'm on two different puppy waiting lists.  :D

It'll still be a while before we're a two-dog household, though, because my next puppy won't even be born until late August at the earliest, meaning I'll probably be bringing her home sometime in October.  That sounds both very far away and (if you ask my parents...) very close!  :P

I'm super excited about this puppy, though...I think she'll bring a fantastic temperament and stunning looks into my (future) line of Scotch Collies.  Here's her sire:

This is Misha Silver Lining.  He's an Old-Time Scotch Collie from great lines, and he works as a therapy dog.  He has an amazing, really chill temperament...and, of course, he's not too shabby in the "looks" department either!  :P

And the dam, Finger Lakes Leah:

This little beauty is half OTSC and half English Shepherd.  Her breeder describes her as smart as a whip and extremely biddable (eager to please).  I'd love to get a bi-black (black and white) puppy, although of course temperament is the number one priority.  Leah will bring a smaller size (37 pounds) and some great working instincts to the table.

The sable and white dog is Leah's mother, Finger Lakes Flora.
I was SUPER excited when I heard about this breeding - I think it will be a phenomenal combination!

I already have a name picked out for this puppy, lol - she'll be Finger Lakes Thea.  :P

So that's one puppy...but I'm on another waiting list as well.  Lol, my Mom always looks like she's thinking about doing a *headdesk* when I get on this subject...but I keep telling her I'm hoping to be in my own place before the third dog comes along.  ;P

Actually, I was initially planning for the third puppy to be in 2018, but now I'm leaning toward waiting longer - possibly quite a bit longer.  Unless things really fall into place for me to be able to have another dog, my current plan is to wait until Thane and Thea have puppies of their own (probably around 2.5 - 3 years from now), pick a "keeper" puppy from that litter, and then buy a pup of the opposite gender to raise for the next generation of Butterscotch Farm dogs.

Lol, that would mean I'd have four dogs...which is a lot.  So...we'll see what happens.  Plenty could change in that amount of time.  But anyway, here's the amazing dog that I really want a puppy from:

This is Windy Hills Bonnie, an English Shepherd.  I have high hopes that a puppy from her will contribute plenty to my breeding line: a calm temperament, a low-maintenance coat, a smaller size dog (she's 35 pounds), and plenty of the old, lovely "farm collie" instincts - her owner says that she has been known to jump into the water to try to save someone she thought was drowning.  She herds, she does agility, and she's very "mothering" to babies and young animals.

The sire might be this cutie, who's only 6 months old now, but already shows a wonderful temperament (he's best buds with the owner's 9-month-old son): 

So Thane will get a friend in around 6 months.  I'm sure he'll appreciate that, as his (frequent) attempts to befriend the cat still aren't going all that well.  :P

And then, pending health testing and a gazillion other details, Butterscotch Farm might be producing its own Scotch Collie puppies starting sometime in 2019!

**NOTE - I did not take any of the photos in this post, but I have permission from the owners of the dogs to post the photos.

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  1. Misha is a handsome dog. Leah is so pretty. (Also, in that one pic of her, her leg is sticking up at a funny angle, it looks like =P ) And, that last pic of Dale is pretty funny =D