Monday, April 17, 2017


I just sat here for three minutes trying to think up a clever blog post title.  And then I gave up, lol.  :P

I hope everyone had a great Easter...we had a loooong but good morning in church.  We were all grateful that even though Dad couldn't be there (flu + strep = one pathetic Pastor!!), God provided men who could step up and present His Word well.

After church, I took Thane on a walk.  It was super toasty out for April in NH - 80 degrees!  The woods were nice, though, because there's still some snow on the ground on the lower trails, where it's shady.

It's puddle season in the woods; there are a couple little pits that always fill up with water, and I spent a while trying to convince Thane to swim by tossing sticks in for him to fetch.  This is about as far as he would go in, though:

Lol, I love the look of concentration on his face as he tries to reach a floating stick.  I think we might make a swimming dog out of him yet!!  :D  

Apparently he reached his wetness threshold.  

And, no, I wasn't tempted to push him into the water...why do you ask?  :D

He did kind of fall in once...I wish I'd caught that on camera.  He didn't get completely wet, but enough that he got the zoomies and dashed in a couple circles around the pool of water.  He does the same thing after he gets a bath.  I think it's sheer jubilation at having survived the near-death experience of being wet.

On today's walk, Thane found this:

Then, a few steps further along, I spotted lots of feathers: 

I wonder if an owl or hawk hangs out in the trees in that area...or if a fox pauses there?  I don't know enough about wildlife to do anything more than speculate, but I thought this was interesting.

A tree fell down across one of our regular trails.  I had Thane practice his sit/stay to get a picture...

...and a video!

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