Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Skirting the Fleece

I'm finally getting to the fleece that's been riding around in the back of my truck the past week and a half.  We've had a rainy spring so far, so when I saw that today was supposed to be bright and sunny, I knew that it was the right day to work on the fleeces.  

I've been doing some research, and I learned that I'm supposed to have a skirting table.  Most people's tables have rollers in the open space in the middle - usually PVC pipes over wooden dowels - so that the short, "second" cuts on the bottom of the fleece can fall through.  Being the sort who likes to whip up a project at the last moment with whatever happens to be on hand, though, I came up with this beauty:

Hey, it works!!  :D  

So I spent a good chunk of the day skirting the fleeces.  Lol, I plunked the first one on the table - and then took a step REEKED of ammonia.  It appears that some moisture got under the tonneau cover of my truck, and some of the fleeces are a little wet.

Wet fleeces are Not Fun.  :( 

The first fleece took me the longest, and I was actually rather discouraged - but then the next couple were really easy, so I learned that Not All Fleeces Are Created Equal.  :P

Here's a big fleece spread out on the table; I toss the waste bits underneath:

Here are the "finished" fleeces (although I wouldn't be surprised to discover that there's a lot more work to be done on them):

And here are the wet fleeces, drying in the sun:

I figure I'm about a third of the way done.  


I know what I'm doing tomorrow night after work....because guess what the weather forecast is for Friday?  :P

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