Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Free Bushes

So this past week I learned that one of the plants in Thane's fenced yard is highly toxic.

This photo is Very Old...this whole area is now fenced, and the plants are all a lot bigger (and there's a foot of snow on the ground...).  See those dark green bushes, though?  Those are Japanese Yew, a popular landscaping shrub...which also happens to be deadly if you eat the needles, branches or seeds.  Apparently some strains of Whitetail deer can eat it, but it kills pretty much anything else.  (I read that in most acute cases, the animal will appear fine - then suddenly give a couple gasps and die.)

Maybe not the greatest thing to have in one's yard when one has a puppy (and small nieces!!).

In fact, this site calls it the "tree of death."

So I'll probably be digging these up this spring.

Anyone want some bushes?

They're free!!  :P

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