Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Beautiful Day

I was sick last week and didn't give Thane as much exercise as he needs...I've been trying to remedy that this week by taking him on a couple fairly long walks in the woods.  So far it's working - he's much less restless in his crate at night when he gets 30-60 minutes of good exercise during the day.

He was quite fascinated by the cross-country skiiers.  The first couple he was quite nervous about, but then by the third one he was getting excited and got the zoomies after she went past.  Thankfully he doesn't show any inclination to chase them.

He gets REALLY bratty sometimes when he's on leash - jumping around like a lunatic and going after my ankles/the leash/my sleeves.  I'll have to check with my dog trainer to see how I'm supposed to respond to that, lol.  Crazy puppy!!

I love the little twist at the end of his tail.  :)  

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