Thursday, February 2, 2017


I got to spend most of my time today at work in "my room" - aka, Personal Care, the section I'm in charge of maintaining (I work in a General Store).  Many senior staff members have a section; I started out as an assistant in Personal Care several years ago, then fully inherited it 2-3 years ago when the previous section manager moved away.

I enjoy spending time in my room, neatening, tagging product, rearranging...

And lately, I've spent a lot of time thinking as I've worked...looking around at all the product and wondering how I'll package my own soaps and lotions someday.

Reading the ingredients lists and thinking about how I need to do more research so I can decide what I'll put into my products.

Thinking about what scents I'll use.

And pondering the fact that before anything else, I need to figure out how to start/run a small business.  :P  

I did actually make some lotion a couple weeks ago.  It occurred to me today that I forgot to blog about it...but I suppose that's just as well, since it's given me a couple weeks to test it.

It consists solely of Mango Butter, Argan oil and Calendula oil.  

I chose those ingredients because the Mango Butter and Argan oil have a Comodogenic rating of 0, meaning they won't make you break out.  (Not sure about the Calendula oil, but if I recall correctly, I did read that it can be used on the face.)

So I've used this on my face after showering, and occasionally on my hands, which get pretty nasty on the knuckles in this cold weather.  

My opinion so far?  Well...I'm going to keep researching and trying other recipes.  This stuff would probably be great as a body butter, but I'd like for it be a bit less...well, buttery, lol.  It doesn't make me break out, but it does leave my skin feeling quite oily.  It works well on my face as long as I don't put too much on.  It's soft but solid, then melts into an oil when you rub your hands together.

But it was a fun experiment - SUPER exciting to get little glass jars and bottles of oils in the mail, and then actually mix up a real lotion!

I still have no idea what I'm doing, though...time to get seriously researching!!  

I hope everyone had a great Thursday...ta-ta for now!!

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