Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Personal Clouds

Dad, Timothy (my youngest brother) and I did some snow cleanup today.  It was a beautiful, sunshiney day, and I tried to get a couple shots of the sun shining through the powdery shovelfuls of snow.

As I was looking through the photos this evening, though, I thought that - with a little imagination - it looks kind of like Dad and Timothy were each battling their own personal little snowcloud that was hovering overhead.

Here's Dad, swatting at his snowcloud with a shovel.  It retaliates by snowing on him, but it's so little that it can't do too much or it will...

...go up in a puff of snow.  

And here's Timothy, hanging out on the roof with his snowcloud.  This one's aggressive - see the bigger chunks in there?

In fact, it looks like it's trying to develop into a mini blizzard, so Timothy grabs up the shovel and gives it a good whack!

Another snowcloud conquered!

The next one tried to jump out at him from the other side...good thing he's quick with the shovel!


More snow tomorrow!  

Happy shoveling, everyone!!  :P  

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