Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Icicle Fortress

We're getting another snowstorm right now.  Apparently winter decided to hit New England all at once!

I went out today to shovel our back deck a bit.  I've been becoming a little bit concerned, as the snow level has risen, that Thane might soon become tempted to jump over the deck railing into the unfenced portion of our yard - he likes to stand on the seat and watch the world go by.

In the spring, I'll probably end up building some sort of little topper to go on the railing so that there's no way Thane could get over it...but today I came up with a (very temporary) solution.

Yes, it's true...our deck is now partially enclosed by an icicle fortress.  And yes, my family laughed at me.  :P

I only had enough icicles to do one side of the deck, but that's the part that is closest to the ground, so I was most concerned about Thane jumping off that side.

Hmm, I hope Thane doesn't eat them...

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