Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Oops, Forgot a Couple Things...

I forgot something in last night's post - maple syrup!  I knew I had something for every season!

Other things I forgot:

I would consider housing honey bees, although I'd have to plan that one carefully, or my sisters would probably never come to visit me.  :P  

I have no idea if this is actually a honey bee...look!  Flowers!

I'd also think about producing and selling baked goods on my Veggie Delivery Route.

Mmmmmm...jam tarts...

And finally, considering my farm's name, I probably ought to learn to make butterscotch candy.  (Or at least butterscotch cookies, or something!)  

The above suggestions would go along with the "BIG Dream" mentioned in yesterday's post, although of course they might fit into my other dreams on a smaller scale.  

Lol, so far farming sounds like a lot of work...I might need to find a husband!!  :P


  1. Lol, one of your sisters isn't scared of bees. I think as long as they were a good distance away from the house, it would be fine. =)

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